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Dr. habil. Tibor Koltay, PhD
Provisory homepage
Eszterházy Károly University
Institute of Learning Technologies
Department of Information and Communication

Head of Department
Course Director for LIS programmes
Main subjects taught:
- Abstracting
- Collection development
- Digitization 
- Information sources and reference
- Information systems
- Social media, Library 2.0
- Research methods
+36 57/502-489
Room number: 120

Curriculum vitae:


Dr. habil.: University of Debrecen, Debrecen;

PhD.: Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest;

Certificate of Advanced Studies in Library and Information Science: Kent State University, Kent, OH;

M.A. Russian: Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest;

B.A. Hungarian and Russian: Juhász Gyula College, Szeged;

 Work experience

Since 1981 I worked as an information officer, then as director of different academic libraries. From 1992  I was also involved in part-time teaching activities in different institutions, including translator and library and information science education.  From 2004 I have been working  as a  full-time LIS teaching staff member at Szent István University and (until 2012)  the University of West Hungary .


I won ten exchange scholarships for short term study tours to several European countries, two of them allowed one month research activities each. 

Served as ERASMUS guest lecturer at Tallinn UniversityESEIG, Hacettepe University, the Jagiellonian University and the University of Zagreb.

In 2011 I studied the content, structure and methods of the Information Architecture and Knowledge Management (IAKM) program at the School of Library an Information Science of Kent State University, Kent, Ohio as a Fulbright Research Scholar. See a video (from 2:59) 

Foreign language skills

English, German, Russian and  Spanish

Committee and editorial board memberships


Information for All Programme Working Group on Information Literacy 


 Google Scholar citations

Selected English language publications

Data Governance, Data Literacy and the Management of
Data Quality
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Are you ready?
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A new direction for library and information science: the communication aspect of information literacy   Information Research, Vol. 12, No. 4, 2007, paper colise06 

Student – Faculty papers

Noémi Horváth, Tibor Koltay, Ferenc Jávorszky, Mária Barabás & Krisztina Árvay: Experiences and Opinions: Teaching Staff and Students about Digitization Education. From Collections to Connections: Turning Libraries Inside-Out. 2014.

Tibor Koltay & Eszter Takács: Digital literacies for amateurs and professionals Bridging the digital divide: libraries providing access for all? 2010. 

A selection of my publications in Hungarian is available here.

Teaching resources

Networked resources for library technical servives and reference

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